Something “pretty amazing” is coming to Windows Phone



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imageWe have all seen Windows Phone 8.1 and know what to expect over the coming months, but it seems there is still something exciting to look forward to.

According to Jerry Berg AKA  Barnacules Nerdgasm, who is a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft, and who appeared on  LockerGnome’s most recent Geek Lifestyles podcast, something “pretty amazing” is coming to Windows Phone.

He teased that “something is going to happen in the windows phone space which is going to upset the entire world across anything,” ending with “wait for it, its going to be pretty amazing.

Now I suspect he may be talking about the rumoured 3D Touch on the Nokia McLaren, which is said to be heading to the market in time for Holidays 2014 but it would of course also be pretty amazing if Microsoft has something else of the same level also brewing in their labs.

What feature do we think Jerry is talking about? Let us know your wishlist below.

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