Some more detail about Nokia’s always on clock in GDR2



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A reader sent us a screen shot of the setting page of Nokia’s Quick View clock, which shows a clock on the screen even when the device is off.

The page is in Hungarian, but for the benefit for readers in other country the text reads:

Quick View

A quick view off after 15 minutes of inactivity In order to save energy.

Night Mode

Set the date
Night mode dims the view of the rapid between the specified dates.

Start time
End time

It seems the clock will not be on all the time, but will only be on for 15 minutes at a time, possibly detecting activity with the accelerometer or other activity.  Also at night it will turn red, and hopefully not keep us awake 🙂

The screen shot is from a Nokia Lumia 920 running the GDR2 update, which hopefully is another indication we will not have to wait too long for the software.

Thanks to our tipster.

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