Some Insiders are getting Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536


Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that the company will not be releasing a new Windows 10 Mobile build to Insiders. If you’re waiting for the build to get released, you’re probably disappointed. Now, it looks like Microsoft mistakenly pushed Build 10536 to some users. Yep, some Windows Insiders are currently running Build 10536 on their Windows Phone.


While this is pretty nice for the Insiders who’re running Build 10536, it might be an issue when (and if) Microsoft releases a newer build next week. As Microsoft’s Gabe Aul stated recently, Build 10536 has a bug on the “UpdateGen process” which prevents newer builds from installing overĀ Build 10536.

It’s worth noting that we are not entirely sure if the build is still available to some Insiders as we aren’t getting any update on our site. Nonetheless, we’ll try to post some screenshots of the build, so stay tuned.

Update: Here are some screenshots of build 10536!

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