Snazzy New Zune HD Commercial

November 24, 2010


Yes, ladies and gents, a Zune HD at Best Buy Commercial.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Zune HD (or any Zune) ad on television; I’ll be looking for it as I fast forward through commercials at home.

It’s interesting to see how they feature not just the music content of the Zune, but also the radio (well, getting HD radio did have something to do with the naming of the device, but I just don’t think of radios as new and exciting) .  Also, the Zune dock and hooking it up to a TV is featured.

With this new commercial, as well as the Zune on WP7 commercial posted earlier this week, and the WP7 commercials that aired during the launch, it looks like Microsoft has realized that they should start producing fun, hip ads to get people to buy their products.

Thanks to Pradeep for giving me the heads up on this.

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