Skype drops Facebook integration, disabling users from sending Facebook messages from Skype

Microsoft Skype logo

Earlier this week, Skype announced that the company is dropping Facebook integration. According to Skype, users will no longer be able to send messages to their Facebook messages from Skype. Additionally, users will not be able to see their friends’ Facebook News Feed on their Skype Home, and post Facebook statuses from Skype. It’s worth noting that if you use an older version of Skype, you will not be able to sign in with your Facebook account.

Thankfully, Skype isn’t entirely dropping Facebook integration – users can still search for their Facebook friends on Skype and add them to their Skype contacts. Nonetheless, this is indeed a surprising move by Facebook as the company is making “number of changes” to its service which disables services such as Skype from integrating with Facebook.

If you’re a Skype users, are you happy with the company dropping Facebook integration? Discuss in the comment section below!

Source: Skype