SkateBird has been delayed into September

July 30, 2021

Tony the Hawk is going to have to wait a little longer to spread his wings, as SkateBird has been delayed into September in order to polish the game.

“Why? Usual reasons. Shipping a game is hard. Hit some bugs, SDK stuff where the old code worked but the new one suddenly didn’t, you get the idea,” Glass Bottom Games explained in a Steam forum post.

While delays are usually a whole load of fun, Glass Bottom Games went on to say that the delay will give them “more time to polish other stuff though, so that’s nice!”

With the delay also being announced by an adorable video on Twitter, it’s hard to not be charmed by the game, even while it’s announcing its late arrival. 

As the name implies, in SkateBird, you play as a bird with a skateboard and a knack for doing tricks. Set in miniature bird-sized worlds, you can grind on bendy straws, kickflip over staplers, and carve killer lines through cardboard and sticky tape parks, which just all sounds so utterly cute! 

SkateBird is now set to launch on September 16th 2021, where it will release onto Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam,, and Amazon Luna.

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