Sharp upward spike in WP7 Facebook users could mean 600,000 new Windows Phones sold in the 2 weeks


The number of users of Microsoft’s Facebook Integration in Windows Phone 7 proven to be a pretty accurate measure of how many Windows Phone 7 users are out there, correctly predicting the number at around 5-6 million.

Now the latest data shows a sharply upward spike in the number of users, increasing from 1,000,000 Monthly Active Users on the 11th November to 1,100,000 on the 25/11/11.

If our previously calculated multiple holds true that would correspond to around 600,000 new Windows Phone 7 users, presumably buyers of the Nokia Lumia 800, and HTC Titan, Radar, Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash, although I suspect the massive Nokia push would have the lion share of the numbers.

Of course Android activates more than this in one day, but for Windows Phone it is a pretty big deal, and about 3 times faster than sales in the two weeks preceding.

Hopefully with further promotion the spike will turn into the norm, and we will see Windows Phone 7 continue to grow strongly.

Thanks Sem for the tip.