Sensie: beatiful moves and activities tracking app using SensorCore

Daily Moves Activities heatmap
Visualize your daily moves See your activities Display a heatmap of your stays on the map

Sensie - logoA beautiful new app allowing you to keep and visualize your daily moves. Thanks to SensorCore technology, you track your moves with almost no impact on the battery life.

Sensie also you to backup your data onto OneDrive and export GPX files in order to use it in the other apps. With our photo-editing app you can e.g. assign position to your photos if your D-SLR camera doesn’t have its own GPS.

Download from the Windows Phone Store.

There are many improvements coming, so stay tuned.

WARNING: The app requires a phone with SensorCore technology which is include in Nokia Lumia 1520 and all new WP 8.1 Lumias.