See Synaptics’s gorgeous new Windows Hello USB fingerprint readers


A few days ago Synaptics announced a new range of USB fingerprint readers that adds biometric security to any laptop.

The new ultra-small form factor USB module allows customers an easy to use and inexpensive fingerprint alternative for PCs lacking integrated biometric sensors.

The dongle is small enough to remain unobtrusively installed in any notebook USB port, yet  are fully FIDO Certified (Fast IDentity Online), enabled swift PC access and the full use of Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport.

“All things equal, fingerprint authentication is significantly more secure than typing passwords, and when combined with the convenience of not remembering and changing multiple passwords, it should end the debate. Notebook buying cycles are historically much longer when compared to smartphones, and Synaptics’ new USB-based fingerprint solution provides a cost-effective and simple entry point to what I estimate to be 500 million Windows 10 systems via Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport by the end of 2016,” said Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

The new USB dongle will sample in Q3 CY16 with mass production expected in Q4 CY16.

See the designs below:

Will any of our readers be upgrading their laptops and notebooks with this accessory? Let us know below.