Seagate announces Game Drive Hub for Xbox with 8TB of storage

Last week, we reported about the launch of Seagate 2 TB and 4 TB external hard drive for Xbox One which also comes with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Today, Seagate announced a new Game Drive Hub external hard drive for Xbox featuring 8TB of storage and a multi-purpose USB hub.

Seagate team worked with Xbox team to create this external hard drive and it will work with any console in the Xbox One family of devices (Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X). Since it connects by high-speed USB 3.0, storing games on this hard drive will not affect gaming performance.

In addition to the 8TB storage, it also includes two front-facing USB 3.0 ports which can be used for charging controllers and mobile devices. Gamers can also connect other Xbox One accessories, such as steering wheels and even other Game Drives.

It will be available this month for $199.99. You can pre-order it here from Amazon.