Scorn has been delayed into 2022

September 29, 2021

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New publisher Kepler Interactive has announced that the drippy dong filled Microsoft exclusive, Scorn has been delayed into 2022. 

Scorn’s new publisher Kepler Interactive is as new as it gets, as the publisher was only revealed yesterday in a press statement

Described as a “Super-Developer” group, Kepler Interactive is co-owned and run by the developers inside of it, and they’ve already raised an impressive $120 million in funding to publish and produce games. 

In the announcement statement, Kepler Interactive said that their unique model “creates the perfect environment for game developers to thrive, combining the benefits of full creative independence with resources and operational support that would otherwise only be accessible through full acquisitions.”

Despite only just being announced Kepler Interactive already has a strong lineup of games headed into 2022, which includes “Sloclap’s Sifu, Ebb Software’s Scorn, Awaceb’s Tchia, Alpha Channel’s Tankhead and an unannounced title by A44.”

Previously Scorn was planned to launch sometime in 2021 for Xbox Series X|S and PC, however, plans have obviously since changed for the H. R. Giger inspired horror game. 

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We won’t know for sure exactly when Scorn is due to release until we hear more from Kepler Interactive of Ebb Software themselves, but hopefully, the delay into 2022 isn’t too long a wait whenever it does end up officially being announced. 

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