Samsung’s own new take on the Samsung Galaxy Fold features a gorgeous edge display


25, 2019

Samsung is still having trouble getting the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the market. Given the ideas they have brewing in their labs it may be time to give up on it and start working on this great-looking device which a patent application revealed today.

The ‘Foldable electronic device including flexible display’, noticed by LetsGoDigital,  was revealed by the USPTO from the 2017 patent application published on the 28 May 2019.

It features a waterfall edge screen like the Samsung Galaxy series, and is an outward folding screen (which tends to be easier to produce) rather an innie.

The biggest issue is of course that the thin and vulnerable plastic screen will always be exposed, but at least this issue could be managed with removable screen protectors or other solutions.

The full patent can be seen here.

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