Samsung will introduce its next-generation Family Hub fridges at CES 2020; and in the leadup to the event, the company confirms that the range will include new AI features, as well as improvements to the existing features.

The characteristic Internal Camera -which lets you view inside the fridge- has been integrated with AI capabilities.  Now, the cameras can scan your food inventory, and update you on any changes to it.  The introduction of Whisk technology brings a new and improved Meal Planner, which will now create shopping lists of the food that’s run out.  Based on this, Quick Plan can now recommend a week’s worth of recipes, which prevents food waste as well as saving money.

Family Board has seen the introduction of a SmartThings, which permit users to monitor and control over 1,000 SmartThings-compatible IoT products.  For example, the SmartThings Video widget lets users view their security cameras on the spot.  Smart lights and thermostats can also be controlled directly.

“In the five years since we launched Family Hub, we have introduced innovations that reflect the new ways that busy, modern families are managing their daily lives,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America. “The latest Family Hub is the most innovative yet, with more personalized, intelligent features that enable busy families to stay better connected to one another.”

Existing Samsung Family Hub fridge owners can also look forward to a firmware update in Spring, which will include some of these features.  While it’s unlikely to include the AI-components, users can expect improvements to Family Board and SmartThings.

Source: Sammobile