Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy S10 + will be made of something better than metal and glass

by Surur
January 20, 2019

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The run of the mill Samsung Galaxy S10 will be a sleek and slim glass and metal sandwich, but with the most expensive version of the handset pushing up to $1500 that model will need to offer something a bit better that sets it apart from the plebs.

According to serial Samsung leaker, Ice_Universe, Samsung is planning just that.

He claims the Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage will have a special ceramic back which is not only scratch resistant but also less likely to crack when it falls. It will also look metallic.

Samsung is of course not first with a ceramic case, with Apple’s most expensive Apple Watch 3 also having a ceramic case, which the company eventually dropped for the 4th version.

According to Ice Universe, there is a weight penalty to pay, but if it would allow users to use their super-expensive device without a case, and therefore show it off better in all its glory, I am sure a few extra grams will be worth it.

Samsung is launching the Samsung Galaxy S10 range on the 20th February at an Unpacked event, with the device hitting the market on the 9th March. Keep an eye on the site for all the latest details.

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