Samsung’s 3D scanner, Discord apps now in the Galaxy Store


24, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 started shipping yesterday, but eager buyers may have noticed some of the promised exclusive features of the app were not available yet.

Now two of those apps have become available in the Samsung Galaxy Store.

The first is Samsung’s 3D scanner app, which uses the Time of Flight sensors at the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (and also the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G) to create 3D models of everyday objects.

The second is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Discord integration which lets you use a voice chat overlay to play games and communicate with your team at the same time.

Unlike the 3D scanner app the Discord integration, which works via Samsung’s Game Launcher, will eventually become available to many Samsung Galaxy owners.

The apps can be found in the Galaxy Store, but XDA-Developers are also hosting the APKs here.

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