Samsung is working on a Windows Mixed Reality headset with built-in headphones

Earlier this month at IFA 2017, Microsoft announced the launch date and pricing of Windows Mixed Reality headsets from various OEMs. The Acer headset will be the cheapest, at $299, followed by the HP at $329, and Dell/Lenovo pricing theirs at $349. These headsets will be available with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on the 17th October.

Today, Samsung’s upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headset got leaked on the internet. Samsung’s headset will come with an integrated headset to offer seamless audio experience. And the headphone will be powered by AKG. Like every other Windows Mixed Reality headset, Samsung’s headset will also support Windows Mixed Reality controllers.

There’s no info on how much this headset is going to cost or when it will be available to customers. Hopefully, we will soon get official information regarding this headset from Samsung.