There is a battle for the best low-light photos between Huawei, Google and Samsung, and it appears Samsung will launch its next offensive with the Samsung Galaxy S20.

LetsGoDigital has found a new trademark application for “Super ISO” for Samsung at the UK IPO (Intellectual Property Office).

The application says the trademark is for: camera sensor for smartphones; image sensor for video cameras; computer software for processing digital images’.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 only offered an ISO range of 50 – 800 while the 2018 Sony Experia offers an ISO 64 – 3200 and the Huawei P30 Pro has a maximum ISO range of no less than ISO 40.9600.

ISO refers to the light sensitivity of the pixels and a higher ISO allows better low-light photography and a lower ISO enables better pictures in bright light.

The full specs of the Samsung Galaxy S20 have already leaked and can be seen below:

We have also heard the camera will feature automatic HDR, pixel-crop zooming and a special Directors Cut mode for video which allows users to record video from multiple cameras simultaneously.

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