Samsung is releasing a new range of accessories in time for its new Galaxy Note 10 series, which is due to launch in a month’s time.

The headphones look more like jewellery than headphones at first sight, with their silver exterior and “Aura Glow” theme; which matches the “Hero” colour of the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+.

The headphones are otherwise identical to the earpieces released earlier this year and include the same wireless charging case and Bluetooth five support.  They will retail for a similar price- 149 euros.

Samsung is also introducing new in-ear headphones with AKG branding.  These aren’t wireless but are connected via USB-C port.  They come with active Noise Cancelling technology which ensures active suppression of ambient noise.

The headphones are already available in some regions, and you can check them out on the French Samsung website.

Source: WinFuture