Korean publication The Elec reports that Samsung is set to upstage other consumer electronics companies at CES with a truly bezel-less 65 inch TV.

While other companies claim to offer the same, they merely have narrow bezels, while Samsung’s process will actually completely eliminate the bezel, as on many of their smartphones.

“Unlike other so-called ‘zero-bezel’ products that actually still had bezels, this product really doesn’t have a bezel,” said one developer who worked closely with the project. “Samsung has become the first in the world to realize such an extreme design.”

That extreme design would involve welding the display panel to the main body and Samsung will only offer TVs 65 inch and above with the technology.

The design apparently so impressed Samsung Consumer Electronics chief Kim Hyun-seok XX that he gave it two thumbs up.

Not only a prototype, TVs with the new technology will apparently enter mass production in February 2020. In October this year Samsung patented the trademark Zero Bezel, suggesting the TVs will be marketed under than name.

Via SamMobile