Last week Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip and the device immediately grabbed headlines as it was the first clamshell foldable smartphone from Samsung. The device did face some bad press with Samsung not mentioning the existence of a plastic coating on the display. However, it didn’t stop people from going out and spending $1,380 on a brand new foldable smartphone.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip is already sold out online. The company declined to disclose the exact units sold. Samsung did say that a new batch is due on Friday so the phone should be back in stock soon. The Galaxy Z Flip also became the first foldable device to go on sale with a thin-glass which is covered in a protective plastic layer. Samsung did run into controversy with Zack from JerryRigEverything calling it fake as the display was getting scratched with fingernails. Samsung later clarified why it was happening and did say that the company will be offering a free replacement for just $119 to the Galaxy Z Flip owners.

Consumer response to the Galaxy Z Flip has been nothing short of amazing and has exceeded our expectations. The Galaxy Z Flip is currently sold out online and a limited number of devices remain in stores across the country, with many out of stock. Additionally, the Thom Browne special edition sold out on over the weekend.

Friday, February 21st will be a big day for Galaxy Fans. That’s when we will open the Galaxy S20 preorder, for those looking for a 5G phone with Samsung’s most advanced camera. It’s also when we will be making additional Galaxy Z Flip devices available online.

– Samsung

With the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has managed to push the boundaries of foldable phones. The phone is definitely not perfect but that shouldn’t be enough to dismiss the phone.

Via CNet