Samsung refreshes Galaxy S10 series with two brand new colours



Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 back in February and the company has been consistent with the updates to the device. Now looks like the company is giving Galaxy S10’s design a refresh as well.

Today the company announced two new colours for the Galaxy S10 series- Diamond Silver, and Cardinal Red. Unfortunately, both the colours are available in just Hong Kong and Switzerland respectively. The Diamond Silver is available just for Galaxy S10 Plus at the moment. Cardinal Red, on the other hand, is available for both S10 and S10+. Samsung also has plans to add Galaxy S10e to the mix but we don’t have information on that at the moment.

Samsung hasn’t changed anything internally and the new phones just come with a new paint job. However, if you’re still interested in the new colours then you should know that they are restricted to specific countries. This is not the first time Samsung has done this as we have seen the same thing for Galaxy Note 9 and S9.

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