Over 2 years ago, we reported on “Monitorless”- Samsung’s mixed reality glasses, which connect to phones or PCs via WiFi Direct and replace the screen on the devices, allowing users to work “monitor-less”.

The US Patent & Trademark Office has only now just received a submission from Samsung for augmented reality glasses; a foldable device that, unlike VR headgear, looks very much like a typical pair of glasses.

The frames of the glasses are slightly thicker than normal, to accommodate the electric components, and the projector will be mounted on the temple.  Small images would be projected on the small display, within the wearer’s field of view.

Whilst nothing’s set in stone right now, Samsung are anticipating using ARM-based processors.

Magnetic sensors will be incorporated to ensure that the glasses remain in the unfolded position until use, thereby insuring that the device doesn’t turn off whenever the user turns their head wrong.

Samsung’s is only the latest company to be exploring the augmented reality glasses arena; but precious few glasses have made it to market so far, with Google’s much-derided glasses being the most prominent example.

Here’s the video of the original concept, just in case you didn’t catch it before.

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Source: engadget