Samsung leapfrogs Intel with plans for 5-nm chips for smartphones and other gadgets

Samsung recently started manufacturing 7-nm chipsets and the company has already decided to jump to 5-nm chipsets. The company, however, said that the chips will only be available next year.

The company announced that it is currently sampling the 5-nm chips and will be using the same EUV (extreme ultraviolet) technology that is currently used for 7-nm chips. Samsung has also reported that the first EUV line, designed to build 7-nanometer chips, would cost $6 billion.

However, Samsung is not the only company planning to manufacture 5-nm chips. Samsung’s main rival, TSMC recently unveiled 5-nm prototype chips for customers. It promised an 80% increase in transistors compared to 25% for Samsung. While Samsung and TSMC are fighting for 5-nm chipsets, Intel is yet to start with 7-nm chips and with the way it’s going, there’s a chance Intel might fall behind.

Via: Engadget