Samsung kind of forgot what the Note 10 was made from


10, 2019

What’s the Note 10 made of? It’s aluminium, thanks for asking. But for the first few days after launch, Samsung kind of forgot what materials it had clad its flagship phone in.

Originally during its keynote and advertising videos, Samsung had noted that the Galaxy Note 10 was a premium device made out of stainless steel. That description was later scrapped and replaced with one reading “polished metal.”

Samsung later told Android Central’s Daniel Bader that the Note 10 was actually made out of aluminium, so someone must not have been taking very good notes.

What appears to be speculated is that the firm did plan on making the Galaxy Note 10 out of stainless steel as advertised, but changed to aluminium for one reason or the other. The marketing, materials for the stainless steel Note 10 were already present, and no one thought they may need updating until the gaffe went public.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is its current flagship device and will be sold in the Microsoft Store as part of a collaboration with Redmond. It’ll integrate with Microsoft software like Windows and  Office, and users will be able to use Microsoft’s own apps on Dex to work on the go.

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