The Galaxy S21 may become the first Samsung phone to come with under-display camera

by Rahul
April 9, 2020
Samsung Galaxy S20 Microsoft

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In the course of the last few years, smartphone manufacturers introduced several techniques to give users a truly all-screen experience, one of the popular ones being pop-up selfie cameras. But, pop-up cameras have their own flaws — we’ve already seen OnePlus ditching the pop-up camera design in favor of the hole-punch design.

Clearly, the pop-up selfie cameras have their days numbered and, therefore, smartphone manufacturers are working on a solution that can offer a truly all-screen experience. And from what we’re hearing, Samsung could be one of the first few companies to achieve this milestone by introducing under-display camera technology.

According to the famous tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S21 could become the first Samsung smartphone to come with under-display camera technology. The South Korea-based company is currently evaluating whether or not the technology is feasible at this moment.

If all goes well, we may see an under-display camera phone from Samsung in the first quarter of 2021, which is when the Galaxy S21 is likely to hit the market. We currently don’t know much about the Galaxy S21 at this moment as we’re still a year away from its release date.

Besides Samsung, Huawei and OPPO are also working on the exact same technology, but we don’t know when they’ll bring it to the market. So, it’d be interesting to see which smartphone manufacturer manages to introduce an under-display camera phone before everyone else.

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