Samsung estimated to pay Microsoft $12-13 per Android handset for more than $600 million in revenue in Q2


3, 2012

There is money in Android... for MicrosoftAccording to the Trefis team Microsoft is receiving patent licensing fees from Samsung to the tune of $12-$13 per Android handset.  HTC is said to have a slightly kinder deal, at $10 per Android device.

With Samsung having sold more than 50 million Android handsets in Q2 2012, that represents more than $600 million in revenue. Adding HTC’s 8 million devices brings the number close to $700 million.

Of course one would expect such a massive revenue stream to show up in Microsoft’s accounts, and there is no obvious entry in Microsoft’s Q2 2012 accounts but one can imagine this money would  more than compensate for the $250 million ‘platform support payments’ to Nokia each quarter, not to mention development and support of Windows Phone.

Do our readers think these numbers are realistic, leaving Samsung to effectively subsidize Windows Phone development? Let us know below.

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