Samsung’s latest display technology features a remarkable power-saving function

August 12, 2020

Samsung Display

Samsung Display today yesterday announced a new display technology that features a remarkable power-saving function for smartphones. Samsung Display’s new low-power OLED adaptive frequency technology can reduce the display power consumption as much as 22 percent over existing smartphones.

Here’s how Adaptive frequency technology works:

  • This new technology allows the display panel to utilize variable refresh rates that consume the least possible amount of power for each type of application.
  • The adaptive frequency technology supports a 120Hz scan rate for playing mobile games that require speedy frame changes, a 60Hz rate for movie streaming, a 30Hz rate for email correspondence, and a 10Hz rate for viewing still images or browsing social networking services.
  • Existing smartphone panels offer only a fixed refresh rate. They cannot automatically calibrate a phone’s refresh rate, which would result in image flickering caused by luminance differences at lower refresh rates. Samsung Display’s new backplane technology eliminates flickering for operating frequencies as low as 10Hz.

This new technology will be available for the first time in Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G smartphones.

Source: Samsung

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