Samsung and Google to bring RCS messaging support to unlocked Galaxy phones

by Rahul
May 7, 2020

Samsung has always been and still is quite enthusiastic about bringing support for RCS messaging to all its Galaxy phones. The company has been supporting RCS in its Galaxy smartphones for more than two years, but it’s limited to carrier phones only. Nevertheless, that’s going to change soon as Google and Samsung have joined hands to bring RCS messaging support to unlocked Galaxy phones alongside carrier ones.

RCS messaging, which is the successor to the SMS, uses your mobile data to send messages and other multimedia such as photos, videos, stickers, emojis, unlike SMS. You’ll enjoy features like typing indicator, read receipts. Further, you’ll be able to create group chats. If you’re an iPhone user, you’re already familiar with the concept as this is exactly like iMessage, a feature that every iPhone user, especially those in the USA, loves to use.

Samsung will implement Google’s Rich Communication Services(RCS) to its own messaging app that comes pre-installed with every Galaxy phone. This, in turn, means the country or region that supports Google’s RCS will enable its users to send photos, videos over the internet through Samsung’s Messaging app. Google’s RCS messaging is currently available in the USA, Mexico, France, the UK.

Though, Google is not the only company that Samsung has partnered with. The South Korean tech giant also partnered Microsoft to bring RCS support for Windows 10’s Your Phone app. So, if you own a Galaxy S20 and have a Windows 10 PC with Your Phone app installed, you can send RCS messages by using Your Phone app.

via Sammobile

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