Microsoft brings RCS Messaging to the Your Phone app, but only for some

by Surur
February 15, 2020

RCS (Rich Communication Suite) is an IP-based replacement for SMS that has been rolling out for years now but which still has had a limited uptake by carriers and users.

It enables rich media similar to modern chat apps and iMessage and the ability to send text messages from devices which are not your phone.

Today Roberto Bojorquez , Group Program Manager for Your Phone, announced on twitter that support for RCS is coming to Your Phone, but only for Samsung users who use the Samsung SMS app as their default text messaging app.

The feature will also initially only be available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, presumably because they are the only ones with the built-in integration needed.

This is the second perk Samsung’s most expensive Android smartphones are getting from Microsoft, with the devices being the only ones who can do cross-device copy and paste at present. Read more about that here.

See the GSMA’s video explaining the benefits of RCS below:

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