New Samsung Access subscription program gives you latest Galaxy phones, Microsoft 365 and Premium Care

May 30, 2020
Samsung Access Subscription

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Samsung has recently launched a new subscription program called Samsung Access in the US. This new subscription program offers latest phones (any Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20|S20+|S20 Ultra 5G), Premium Care coverage and Microsoft 365 subscription which offers 1TB OneDrive cloud storage and Premium Office apps.

Samsung Access Subscription

Highlights of Samsung Access subscription:

  • From the moment you subscribe, you can upgrade anytime. Simply get your new phone and return your previous one in good condition. If your plans change, you have the flexibility to cancel whenever you want—just return your previous phone. You can upgrade every 9 months or upgrade earlier for $100. You can cancel after 3 months or cancel earlier for $100.
  • Premium Care service covers accidental damage and offers 24/7 remote setup assistance and technical support as well as next-day, no-touch delivery for phone replacement and curbside assistance
  • With 1TB OneDrive cloud storage and the full suite of Premium Office apps, you can create, work and collaborate with room to spare.

Samsung Access subscription program starts at $37/month and the price will increase depending on the Galaxy phone you select. This program will be useful for people who upgrade their device every time a new model arrives in the market.

Check out more details on the Samsung Access subscription program here.

via: XDA-Developers

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