Russia’s missile attack damages Samsung’s Ukraine office


10, 2022

In what could be seen as a revenge attack on Ukrainian soil, Russia has hit Kyiv with a barrage of missiles, damaging infrastructure and killing multiple people. As per reports, Samsung’s Ukraine office was also hit by Russia’s missile, though no reports of death have come from Samsung’s official statement.

In an official statement, Samsung also confirmed that the blast occurred 150 meters away from the main office building, and no one was hurt. Meanwhile, the company is closely monitoring the situation closely. The official statement from the company is below.

We can confirm that none of our employees at Samsung Ukraine has been hurt. Some of the office windows were damaged due to the impact from the blast that occurred 150 meters away. We remain committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and will continue to closely monitor the situation.

This is for the first time the infrastructure of a major tech brand is bearing the brunt of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. While Samsung has not declared whether it will continue operating in Ukraine after this, the South Korean tech giant might close its official building until the situation de-escalates.

However, we have not heard anything from Russia and Ukraine regarding the damage to Samsung’s office building. But it is unlikely that the office building was the main target since the blast occurred 150 meters away. The building was more like collateral damage.

Russia’s missile attack on Kyiv is seen as an act of revenge by Russia’s military forces after Ukraine damaged the crucial Crimea bridge. This is significant because the last time Russia targeted infrastructure in Kyiv was back in June.

Samsung is one of the big tech companies that restricted operations in Russia after the conflict between the two countries started in February this year.

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