Report: Microsoft working on Android 12L update for the Surface Duo 1 and 2


2, 2022

While Microsoft is still to get Android 11 out for the Surface Duo 1 (and Android 12 for the Surface Duo 2) Microsoft is reportedly already working on Android 12L for both handsets.

According to reports from the WC, Microsoft is not in fact planning to roll out Android 12 to either handsets, but will skip directly to Android 12L, which has special adaptations for large handsets.

According to Google:

“On screens with more than 600 dp, for example, the notification screen, the lock screen and other system interfaces use a new two-column layout to make the most of the screen space. Multitasking is also more powerful and more intuitive “

The update is currently in testing with Google, and Microsoft is also taking part in the development.

The update will reportedly roll out faster than Android 11, and will serve as a boost for the Surface Duo 2, which is not being replaced with a Duo 3 until at least 2023.

via Deskmodder

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