Check out this reimagined Windows 10 experience (video)

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Genrole Caspe, a Philippines-based designer has reimagined Windows with a beautiful concept, check it out from the video above. As you can see from the video, this concept does not introduce a radically new UX, instead, it tries to deliver a better UX by making changes to the current design of Windows 10/Windows 10X OS. Since the concept is designed based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design language, the reimagined experience looks very familiar as well.

You can find the following in the video:

  • Brand new look and feel: Curved edges, modular design, allowing for a more personal and frictionless experience.
  • New Start menu: Open your favorite and most important apps and documents by pinning them to the launcher.
  • Timeline cards: Cards show a suggestion of apps based on its relevance and recent use.
  • Recent files: A new place to quickly open your recently edited Office documents.
  • App Widgets: Interact with your apps directly from the Launcher without opening them.
  • A new look for Cortana and Cortana Notebook for a more engaging conversations.
  • Redesigned File Explorer experience.
  • Redesigned Action Center/Notification experience.

You can learn more about his project here. Recently, Microsoft revealed the key features that will be part of the upcoming Windows 10X OS. The Windows 10X is a modern OS that is built for dual-screen devices like Surface Neo. You can learn more about it here.

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