For a limited time, you can now claim 500 Microsoft Reward Points just by signing up to Microsoft Defender

July 28, 2023
redeem microsoft rewards points

If you’re looking to gather some Microsoft Rewards points for your Starfield free edition, then you can easily get 500 Microsoft Rewards points justĀ by simply signing up for Microsoft Defender.

However, this is for a limited time, so redeem the points while they are active.

If you are a Microsoft Rewards member and a Microsoft 365 subscriber, then you just need to activate the offer and download the Defender app. It will automatically sign you in with your Microsoft 365 account, then you will receive 500 points to your Rewards account.

You can purchase a lot of things with your Microsoft Rewards points, from gift cards to video games and even Xbox consoles.

Will you do it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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