Quora is the latest to get hacked, 100 million user accounts affected


4, 2018

Author Pradeep // in News

Just four days back, we reported about a massive data breach. Marriott group confirmed that there was unauthorized access to its database that contains information on up to approximately 500 million guests who made a reservation at a Starwood property.

Today, Quora, a popular Q&A site on the web, reported its data breach affecting 100 million user accounts. Quora is still investigating the precise causes of the data breach and in addition to the work being conducted by its internal security teams, Quora is working with a leading digital forensics and security firm to assist them.

The following information may have been compromised:

  • Account and user information, e.g. name, email, IP, user ID, encrypted password, user account settings, personalization data
  • Public actions and content including drafts, e.g. questions, answers, comments, blog posts, upvotes
  •  Data imported from linked networks when authorized by you, e.g. contacts, demographic information, interests, access tokens (now invalidated)
  • Non-public actions, e.g. answer requests, downvotes, thanks
  • Non-public content, e.g. direct messages, suggested edits

Even though the passwords were encrypted, it is generally not advisable to reuse the same password across multiple services, and it is recommended that people change their passwords if they are doing so.

Learn more about this data breach here.

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