Quantic Dream plan to expand to new platforms after NetEase investment

by Ash
January 29, 2019

Quantic Dream, the studio behind hit games such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, are planning to expand their reach beyond just PlayStation consoles, according to an exclusive article from Variety.

On January 29th, 2019, a video was posted to YouTube where the character Chloe from Detroit: Become Human talks about a deal between NetEase Games and Quantic Dream. NetEase Games have acquired a ‘minority stake’ in the studio – a deal that will allow both companies to focus on working together to achieve more.

David Cage told Variety that he will still remain as the primary shareholder of the studio and that co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière will also continue to manage Quantic Dream. NetEase Games declined to share the exact percentage of their investment.

Variety asked de Fondaumière if there were any plans to bring Quantic Dream’s games to mobile with the help of NetEase. He replied saying that there are plans to make the games ‘accessible’ to a wider audience.

de Fondaumière continued by saying that their objective is to be “present on all platforms where there is an audience that can enjoy our experiences”, that Quantic Dream will “continue developing on PlayStation” but will also “be present on all other relevant platforms”.

It’s unclear at this time whether only future Quantic Dream games will be brought to other platforms or whether there are plans to re-release past games on new platforms.

Quantic Dream SA is a French video game studio based in Paris and founded in 1997. It’s most well known for the 2010 action-adventure game Heavy Rain, which deals with the story of the Origami Killer, and the 2018 adventure game Detroit: Become Human, which questions whether androids deserve rights.

Source: Variety.

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