Purchase Wacom’s new rechargeable Bamboo Ink Plus for your Windows 10 tablets, and stop looking for AAAA batteries



The surface pen is one of the best you can get but if you’re one of the few who use the digital pen a lot, it’s easier to get disappointed by the AAAA batteries. No, there is nothing wrong with the battery except for the fact that you can’t charge it through USB. That means after every 12 months you’ll have to get a new AAAA battery to power the Surface Pen.

Wacom was able to fix it. The company has introduced a new rechargeable pen, called Bamboo Ink Plus for your Windows 10 touch PCs. The new model is an upgraded version of the earlier released Wacom Bamboo Ink. The new stylus from Wacom is compatible with pen-enabled Windows devices using Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) or Wacom AES technology, meaning you can use it Surface PCs as well as other PCs that support the Wacom AES technology.

In the box, you’ll find a nib kit that consists of three different nib types, soft, medium, and firm, battery, quick start guide, and of course the stylus.

The Bamboo Ink Plus costs $99.95, and you can now get it from Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and Wacom.com.

Via: TheVerge

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