PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will now allow cross-platform play between the two main current-gen consoles. PUBG Xbox One/PS4 cross-play is available now. 

The latest patch for the popular battle royale game is live right now. Alongside a host of improvements, the title now allows Xbox and PlayStation gamers to battle it out together.

As of now, the 100-person deathmatches will include players from both consoles. If you wish to enable or disable the ability to widen the player pool, you can simply turn it off in the options.

Players will be labelled as playing on their console or choice. When looking at the in-game leaderboard, players will have either an Xbox or PlayStation logo next to their playername to show which platform they’re using.

Unfortunately, this new cross-play addition isn’t quite perfect. If you were hoping to play alongside your rival platform buddies, you won’t be able to yet. However, PUBG Corp does say that the feature will arrive in the future.

PUBG Xbox One/PS4 cross-play is still a new feature. While it may launch with a few niggling issues and missing features, PUBG Corp has proven to be able to fix issues over time.

Hopefully, the game’s new multiplayer will be as popular as ever.