PSA: You may have to clear your cookies to view Microsoft links on Google Chrome

Chrome Apps

Having trouble accessing Microsoft sites from Google’s Chrome browser? You may not be the only one.

Due to a change made to either Google’s Chrome browser or Microsoft’s web infrastructure, users who make use of Microsoft’s website – perhaps making use of the online Windows Store – have been unable to access the domain, with a connection error being thrown up at every turn.

I first ran into the issue a month or so ago but assumed that it was my configuration/internet which was to blame and put off fixing it since for a while since the existence of Edge made the issue that much less annoying.

Luckily, a Twitter rant by Windows blogger Paul Thurrott highlighted not only that the issue was relatively widespread – but also the existence of a simple solution as well.

Turns out, the issue was fixed by something as simple as clearing all cookies.  To be clear, you have to go to Chrome’s settings and nuke all cookies from the beginning of time. You’ll probably have to sign into all your accounts again, but you’ll finally be able to view Microsoft sites and domains once more on Chrome.

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