Microsoft’s upcoming game streaming service may be coming soon as a Project xCloud Test Game appears on the Microsoft Store.

An image of the xCloud store listing.

Spotted by Twitter user h0x0d, the currently unusable program has recently been added to the Microsoft storefront. While the title’s pre-release listing doesn’t give us any unknown details regarding the project, it should be a sign that the program will be starting public testing soon.

With Project xCloud’s October release date quickly approaching, the service’s beta test should be arriving sometime soon. Unlike the upcoming Google Stadia, which doesn’t “have time” for beta testing, Microsoft has promised that the Xbox service will have a pre-launch trial.

This new Microsoft Store listing is at least somewhat interesting. The submitted application is labelled as an Xbox One software despite the service’s focus on mobile hardware. This application may be the software that allows Xbox One owners to use their own console as a server.

With game streaming close to becoming a mainstream reality, Microsoft’s efforts should hopefully be well executed. However, only time will tell. Hopefully, this Project xCloud Test Game will release sometime soon.