Developer Submission: Power Options – Shutdown or restart your Windows 10 Mobile easily with an app

Remember the “Reboot Now” app? Yes, Reboot Now is an old app at the time working on WP8 device only which could reboot / restart your Windows Phone just by a tap a button or tile on the screen. Then when Windows Phone 8.1 was born the apps could no longer be used because Windows Phone 8.1 was not supported by the official API’s (their developer said).

But now, in Windows 10 Mobile I am bringing back a similar apps. It’s pure official API by MSFT and the same API’s using like in Device Diagnostic Hub apps.

No other feature except the main feature is available:

  • Shutdown
  • Restart
  • Pin tile to start screen

So, if you have a broken power button and want to reboot or shutdown your phone maybe this app will help you 😉

Known issue:
– Not work in latest redstone build, I’ll fix this bug ASAP.

** Please Note: This apps only working in Mobile device, not in Desktop **

Power Options
Power Options
Developer: TFK Project
Price: 0,99 €