PNC bank decides against a Windows Phone app


PNC Bank is a large US-based financial institution. Like most bank these days they have an app for iOS, Android, and also for Blackberry and strangely enough Windows Mobile.

They do not however have anything for Windows Phone, though earlier enquiries indicated that one was in development as of July last year.

It seems things may not have gone as planned, as the bank yesterday told reader Thomas:

Thomas- We have decided not to pursue a Windows App at this time. However, we are constantly evaluating our technology and will announce it here if our position changes. Thanks for your feedback! –Rene

It is somewhat surprising to see a company in this day and age choose against supporting Windows Phone, when the OS has clearly shown it is here to stay.  Given that the company has changed its mind before it may be worth appealing to them to change their mind again.

Contact PNC bank to get your voice heard here.

Thanks Thomas for the tip.