Sony has taken down the PlayStation Store in mainland China, with the company only stating that the closure was for a “system security upgrade.”

As originally reported by Reuters, the store’s suspension was officially announced on Sunday the 10th of May through the Chinese social media site Weibo. No further details, such as a reopening date, were provided.

However, the PlayStation Store’s suspension does happen to come in the wake of social media reports that some PlayStation users in China were able to use backdoor hacks in order to switch to overseas accounts.

These accounts would be capable of downloading games that are banned or restricted in China. Seeing as the PlayStation Store in mainland China is extremely heavily regulated to comply with the country’s strict rules regarding gaming, it’s likely that Sony would want to patch out any backdoor exploits as soon as possible.

We’ll be sure to update when the PlayStation Store returns to full function in China or if a reason for the online shop’s closure is provided.