PlayStation has trademarked consoles names all the way up until PS10


29, 2019

PlayStation owners Sony have pulled a surprising move; the Japanese company has trademarked future PlayStation names all the way up to PS10. 

With the highly anticipated PlayStation 5, or PS5 for colloquialisms sake, coming at the tailend of next year, PlayStation is likely moving forward with a confident stride.

With Xbox behind on console sales and Sony’s exclusive lineups selling systems, we may potentially see a return to the overconfident, cocky with company that sank the PS3.

At least that’s how the company’s newest move appears. With Sony sure of the future of PlayStation, the company has already trademarked the following console names: PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10. Yes, PlayStation may think the brand will be around for another six generations.

Sony’s history with early trademark registration is not a new trend. Back in 2006, the Japanese company trademarked PS4, buying themselves security for if others decided to purchase the name. After all, PlayStation is the brand, not PS. The company also registered PS5 back in 2006, which we won’t see until next year.

With console generations typically lasting between five and six years, outside of last generation’s freakishly long one, PlayStation has covered their backs way into the future. Will you be picking up a PS10 in 2050? An Xbox Zero perhaps?

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