PlayStation to see 20 billion yen to further in house software


28, 2021

In a call with investors, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki unveiled plans for substantial investment in PlayStation’s first-party studios going forwards. 

“We intend to increase development personnel and other in-house costs by approximately 20bn yen ($184m) year-on-year, as we further strengthen our in-house software,” Totoki announced, via VGC

Sony’s first-party studios have made some generation-defining games such as The Last of Us, and 2018’s God of War, so it’s unsurprising to see continued investment in the games they create. 

Totoki went on to say that “To enhance our software offering, we intend to continue investing in partnering with external studios, in addition to aggressively investing in our in-house studios.” 

With Xbox having recently acquired Bethesda, Sony may well be feeling the pressure to expand the PlayStation’s library of exclusive titles to compete, as they partner with studios as well as that aggressive investment in their own.

After Sony pitched in a whopping $200 million as a strategic investment in Epic Games’ last round of funding, it’s clear that Sony is looking to go from stride to stride after a year of record profits

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