Despite previous statements from the developer, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will run at 30FPS on Xbox One X


30, 2017

Update: Despite stating otherwise, Brendan Greene is walking back on his previous claim that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would run at 60FPS on Xbox One X. He has gone to Twitter to say that the game will actually be 30FPS across all Xbox One devices, however they are constantly refining it and attempting to bump the frame rate. At this point, players are better off sticking to the PC version for now.

Original Story:

Brendan Greene, the creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has previously stated that PUBG would receive enhancements on Xbox One X, starting with HDR support and implementing 4K resolution at a later date when the textures are finished. In a new interview featured in gamesTM Issue 194, Greene also revealed that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will run at 60FPS on Xbox One X, while it unfortunately may be limited to 30FPS on a standard Xbox One.

“Xbox is synonymous with gaming, you know what I mean? And there’s a huge player base out there that prefer to play on console, so bringing it to the Xbox One systems is just great.

It’s like I can finally say yup, I have a game on Xbox. So I think we could see incredible numbers on console, but again, I don’t want to jinx it. We’re more focused on getting a good game out. Like, as much as it sounds a bit shitty, we’re not focused on player numbers. Sure, from a server point of view we have to be, but that’s what our goal here is. It’s not to have millions of players, our goal is to put a good game onto both platforms.”

He then went on to say that the game would run at 60FPS on Microsoft’s high-end console while it could be stuck at 30FPS for those who have yet to upgrade. Still, the developer will continually work to push the limits of the regular Xbox One and aim for a higher frame rate.

“Definitely on Xbox One X, 60FPS. On Xbox One, we’re not sure. We may have to limit it at 30FPS, maybe, but the last time I saw it, it was running at about 30 to 40. We’re still constantly improving it so, you know, the aim is to get to 60. That’s why we’re doing Game Preview, because I think the great thing about console is it’s a locked hardware system, so we can do really specific tweaks that tune it for those systems.

I have great faith that we’ll get there. The great thing about Battlegrounds is that it’s not…unlike the more high paced shooters, frame rate isn’t that important. Yes, it is important, but it’s not as important for us as it is in a twitch shooter. So we’re aiming for 60; not sure if we’ll get there, but that is our aim.”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds comes to Xbox Game Preview on December 12 and can be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store for $29.99.

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