Peter Lee becomes the head of Microsoft Research


11, 2020

Microsoft today announced leadership changes for Microsoft Research. Peter Lee will be the new leader for the Microsoft Research organization. Peter Lee was already leading several research teams that were developing technology in healthcare and life sciences. In his new role, he will be overseeing all the labs of Microsoft Research and the new research-powered business opportunities.

Microsoft is also promoting Eric Horvitz, the director of Microsoft Research Labs. Eric Horvitz is the new chief scientific officer at Microsoft. This is the first time Microsoft has given such title to anyone in the company.

“As Chief Scientist, Eric will provide cross-company leadership on advances and trends on scientific matters, and on issues and opportunities rising at the intersection of technology, people and society. He and his org will be responsible for advising on Microsoft’s scientific directions and capabilities, including standing up new initiatives, providing guidance on company priorities and assessing important areas for investment in science and technology,” said Microsoft spokesperson.

Harry Shum, Microsoft’s previous Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Research group EVP  left the company last month. Kevin Scott, executive vice president and chief technology officer assumed his responsibilities. Even after leaving the company, Harry Shum continues as an advisor to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Bill Gates.

via: CNBC

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