Permanent ban on Xbox caused by this new mass report bot

July 28, 2023

A new mass report bot has just arrived within the green console’s community, and as spotted by gaming enthusiasts, it can punish your account with a permanent ban on Xbox – as if infuriating gamers with the new Xbox Home screen isn’t enough. Ouch.

As shared by YouTuber GhillieMaster, this new exploit on Xbox is the console’s issue at its core. Typically, when you receive a suspension on Xbox due to excessive use of inappropriate language, you receive a notification that explains the reason for the action, its impact, and the specific details. 

However, if you encounter this particular bot, you may inexplicably face a two-day suspension without any clear reason provided. This tool also possesses various capabilities, such as the ability to open/close a party, modify the party’s picture, remove the host, invite spammers, ban accounts, and even bulk-invite all users from a previous party.

The worst part? Microsoft could be handing out a permanent ban on Xbox like candies without humans verifying the details. This can be extremely exhausting and frustrating, especially if you’re an account with hundreds or thousands of digital purchases.

“It’s unacceptable that permanent bans are handed out without a human verifying the details. We are spending our money on these services if they are going to remove you from the thing you paid for forever, they should have a damn good reason,” one concerning user writes on Reddit

“They can still target you without being in a party. Literally all that is needed is your gamertag and the mod menu botnets the report system to bypass the cooldown, leading to a perma ban,” another one chimes in.

What are your thoughts about the new mass report bot that could cause you to get a permanent ban on Xbox? Let us know in the comments!


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