PepHop AI Review - How Good Is It Really?

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PepHop AI review

The ultimate PepHop AI review you’re about to read prepares you to enter a world of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies.

You can role-play to your heart’s content using PepHop AI’s bots or create your own companions on the backdrop of conversational AI models like ChatGPT and KoboldAI.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right in!

What Is PepHop AI?

PepHop AI review

PepHop AI is a role-playing chatbot tool powered by various artificial intelligence models, like GPT 4. It processes natural language to produce human-like replies, answers, and more.

The tool hosts thousands of virtual characters from various personality traits, genders, genres, and more. On top of that, PepHop AI also lets you import your own AI chatbot from a different platform and use it either as a private or public virtual companion.

Though the existing virtual characters have mostly been created with NSFW fantasy in mind, you use your imagination and creativity to develop an AI bot for your taste and use cases.

For example, you can create a custom bot that’ll talk to you as a consoling friend when feeling low and have no one to talk to.


Here are features that make PepHop AI the ideal role-playing AI conversation tool for entertainment, practicing social skills, creating dialogs for audio or video content, and more:

Virtual Characters for Role Play Texting

Virtual Characters for Role Play Texting

AI characters are at the center of PepHop. The platform hosts more than 5,000 virtual companion bots. The number is increasing every day since the user community regularly adds public AI bots.

These are the bots that you choose for chatting, either for fantasies and romanticizing with AI-powered bots or to create meaningful conversations for real-world use cases.

The platform has been primarily developed for personal and intricate conversations with easy-to-access bots.

However, you can set up your own bot for more rewarding use cases like creating a dialog for a story, novel, etc., and test how it pans out before starting the original book.

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Chat with lore book AI

For example, in the above screenshot, I’m chatting with a lore book AI. You can drive the flow of the story in any way by stimulating the Aria Simulator with your messages.

SFW & NSFW AI Characters

The characters to choose from primarily come in two versions: SFW and NSFW.

So, if you’re looking for chit-chat, witty conversations, harmless romance, or just to have fun by testing the capabilities of conversational AIs, you should hit the SFW Only button.

You’ll meet exciting characters like a teacher at your school, a smoker tomboy with excellent grades, a childhood friend, girlfriends with an established relationship, and more.

SFW Only

Alternatively, you can turn on the NSFW button to access characters of the like.

To understand the context of the conversation you can engage with the AI bot, you can hover the cursor over the snippet text of the thumbnail and go through the full text that describes the AI.

AI bot details

AI Character Generator

So, you want to turn this AI platform into an opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Suppose, you want to write a fictional story on a plot you’ve been weaving in your mind for a long time. Now you’ve got the chance to test the characters using an AI platform, like PepHop.

You’ll find the bot builder near your avatar on the site at the top-right corner. It reads Create Character. This module is actually a natural language interface for AI modeling.

You feed in the details for the following fields in English and the PepHop AI converts that into a conversational AI model in the backend and develops the special-purpose AI you want.

  • Name of the bot
  • An avatar
  • Introduction
  • Tags
  • Type: public vs private
  • Rating: SFW vs NSFW
  • Character definitions: personality, initial message, scenario, and example dialogs
AI Character Generator

If your purpose is highly confidential and has the potential for intellectual property registration, you’ve got the option to keep the AI bot a private character.

That way, you can only interact with it from your own profile.

Virtual Character Categories

All categories

PepHop categorizes all in-house and community-created AI bots using tags like Male, Female, Non-binary, Fictional, and so on. There are 200+ genres of AI bots to choose from. You can access the complete list from the All Tags/Categories menu.

This feature enables you to find the right virtual role-play character by genre.

For example, I’d like to engage in fictional conversations with characters like General Shao of the Outworld, Sub Zero from Mortal Combat, and so on.

Search Characters by Context

It could be puzzling to go through over 200 tags in PepHop AI. So, you can look for the right AI chatbot by typing the context of the conversation, genre, gender, etc, in the search box.

For instance, I’d like to chat with someone on PepHop about weird science fiction.

Search PepHop

So, I simply look up the word Scientist in the search box. The platform shows relevant characters below the list of tags.

Scientists on PepHop

Export AI Characters and Chats

If you wish, you can download the AI characters to use them on a compatible AI platform like TavernAI. TavernAI has fewer limitations on content than PepHop.

Therefore, you can deep dive into fictional conversations without boundaries.

Virtual role-play bot exports are available as TavernAI Character Card or Character JSON File.

Export AI bot

Furthermore, you can export your conversations with the AI bot as a link for sharing or archiving purposes.

Suppose, you’ve created a screenplay, you can download your chats and delete the content from the server to keep your intellectual property safe.

Share conversations

Data Privacy

The PepHop AI mostly collects device and network data to serve you efficiently and stay compliant with online user policies in the country it operates. Your conversations with the AI bots are private unless you share those with a third party.

Chat security

However, there’s a content sanitization policy that seeks out banned content and deletes it from the platform. PepHop AI utilizes AI/ML algorithms as well as human reviewers to remove disallowed content.

So, your conversations may not always be secure. Better keep personal data to yourself than be sorry later on.

Content Limitations

PepHop AI allows a reasonable amount of mature and fantasy content on its platform. However, you may want to refrain from the following if you want to avoid deletion of your character, chats, or account:

  • Explicit and bold content related to minors
  • Any content that hints at a relationship between blood ties
  • Bestiality depicted using 3D rendering of pictures or real images
  • Real human nudity and explicit pornography
  • Content of extreme violence
  • Personal information, social media accounts, real-world nudity pictures, etc.
  • Spamming the platform with unsolicited website links
  • Other extreme content in general

How to use PepHop AI

PepHop AI is available for sign-up by anyone with a free trial. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Visit the PepHop AI portal.
  2. Click the Register button in the top right corner.
  3. Sign up with an email and password or by clicking the Register with Google button.
Register PepHop
  1. Once you’re in, you’ll see the My Profile page.
  2. Here, you need to enter details in the following fields:
    • Name
    • Username
    • About me
    • Appearance
My profile
  1. Now, go to the PepHop AI home screen.
  2. Choose your character rating from SFW or NSFW.
  3. Then, choose a character tag like Anime.
Choosing rating
  1. Click on an AI bot to open its thumbnail page.
  2. Hit the Chat with… button to enter the texting interface.
Chat with AI
  1. On the Chat with… interface, you’ll see the context of the chat so you can start the conversation accordingly.

PepHop AI Pricing

Here are the subscription packages of PepHop AI:

  1. Free Trial: You can sign up for free and have a conversation of up to 20 messages.
  2. Lite: $4.99/mo for 2,000 messages per billing cycle
  3. Classic: $9.99/mo for 5,000 messages per billing month plus longer chat memory
  4. Elite: $29.99/mo for 16,000 messages per billing cycle plus enhanced chat memory
Pricing PepHop

At the time of writing, long-term subscription discounts are available as follows:

  • 20% off on a 3-month plan
  • 40% off on a 12-month subscription

There isn’t any money-back guarantee advertised on the portal. However, you can always email the PepHop AI billing team for assistance.

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PepHop AI Review – Verdict

There’s no doubt, that PepHop AI does a great job of combining creative and fantasy conversations with artificial intelligence models. This tool has the potential to be the go-to app for anyone who’s looking to expand their boundaries with imaginative conversations.

However, you must exercise caution when sharing private information. Keep conversations fully fictional. You never know if certain AI characters have been developed to perform social engineering and phishing to steal your identity details or collect your credit card data.

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