Samsung is yet to release the original Samsung Galaxy Fold after the handset was delayed to address design faults.  The original Fold is just entering the pre-order process now and is expected to hit shelves in September.  Samsung has, however, been working on its successor for some time now; and three new design patents suggest that the device is close to being finalised.

Our friends at Letsgodigital have uncovered three patents which were applied for very recently- on the 14th august 2019.   Some of the patents very closely resemble the current design of the Galaxy Fold, but others show a more matured look, with improvements which address the main weaknesses of the present Galaxy Fold.

This includes a much-reduced notch on the internal screen and a larger and more usable external screen.  The current tiny external screen is one of the main turn-offs of the main Galaxy Fold.

In some designs, the notch is also now much more attractively located in the centre of the screen, rather than the top, right-hand corner.

The device is also a lot more square in appearance, resembling a small softcover, rather than a phone when closed.   This results in an improved aspect ratio when the device is opened.

The design patent shows the handset to have 6 cameras in total: 3 at the back, 1 in the front, and 2 in the notch.

If Samsung was to release this device within the next 6-12 months, many earlier adopters of the Galaxy Fold may experience buyers remorse.  In addition, while the design is improved, it’s still rather far from our dream design for a foldable handset.  We suggest Samsung remains at the drawing board until they produce something even better.

Here are the full design patents:

  • Design with the notch on the top left
  • Design with the notch on the top right
  • Design with the horizontal folding line

Source: letsgodigital